Cake Pops and Cupcakes: The Difference

Trying to find something to satisfy your sweet teeth, you can’t get enough from your regular cake servings. You may find it hard how to upgrade your kid’s birthday party menu.

In that case, then this article will get your back.

Most of us are the fan of yummy and adorable cupcakes and cake pops. It’s very hard to control our craving when there are any cupcake or cake pops in our hand, isn’t it?

Cupcakes and cake pops are very adorable yet delicious way of serving cakes in any party or for any other occasion.  Though these two are all cake, still there are some differences between the cupcakes and cake pops.

But first, let’s gather some basic ideas about both the cupcake and cake pop.


Cupcakes are a well-known form of serving cakes in parties nowadays. Especially kid parties are not complete without cupcakes.  You can also use cupcakes for decorating any other cake.

These are very good options to serve as dessert. Cupcakes are always wrapped in a cup-shaped foil paper. You can find the various flavor of cupcakes nowadays.

For making the cupcake, first, make the traditional cake dough. Put them in the cup size pan and bake. Decorate with your favorite cream and candy.

Your delicious cupcakes are ready.

Cake Pops:

Cake pops are another way of serving the cakes in a fun way. These are lollipops shaped and small in size. They look adorable as a cake decoration as well.

You can simply make a cake pop following the recipe for a regular cake or use leftover cakes. If you are following the original cake recipe then make the batter and bake the cake as you will normally do.

Take some of the cake and start to smash it. You can use either food processor, meat grater or even your hand. After you are done with smashing the cake, add icing to the crumbles. Mix these until it makes dough like consistency. Yeah, your cake pop dough is ready now.

 Now measure the dough and take one scoop of it. Roll it with your hand or cake pop maker tools to give the desired shape. Place them in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.  Doing this will help your cake pops to sit on top of the sticks.

After your rolls have become chilled, it’s time to add the decoration. Melt some chocolate or candy of your choice. Dip the sticks first and stick the balls on the sticks. Then dip the cake pops in it. Use food color if you use white chocolate. Coat and re-coat the cake pops as per your taste.

Your yummy cake pops are ready.

Differences Between The Cupcakes and Cake Pops:

There are some easy ways to differentiate between a cupcake and a cake pop. Such as-

  • You have to make the cupcakes following the original cake recipe as they are the same old cake with different size and flavor. But you can totally use leftover cakes to make cake pops.

    In fact, one reason to make cake pops is to prevent wasting the cakes you may have from any party or whatever.
  • Cake pops are traditionally shaped like a lollipop. Though nowadays many different types of cake pops are available such as flower shape. On the contrary, cupcakes are in shape of a pan or small cup.
  • Cake pops are served on top of a stick. But cupcakes are in a cup or even on a small plate.
  • Cupcakes are considered as a full serving while cake pops are not.
  • You have to dip the cake pops in the decoration like chocolate melt. But in the case of a cupcake, decorations are simple to add on top of the cake as regular cake.
  • To make the cupcake, you need to make the dough and bake it. Finally, decorate it with cream. But on the other hand, you need to smash the cake and make another dough adding icing with it for cake pops.
    Then refrigerate the dough and make the balls.
  • For cake pops, you need to bake the dough first. But baking is almost the last step for cupcakes.
  • You need to wrap the cupcakes in foil papers. This is not necessary for cake pops.

Judging these qualities, you can simply differentiate between a cupcake and a cake pop easily.

Final verdict:

Cupcakes and cake pops are an incredible way to satisfy anyone’s dessert craving. You can just impress your party guests with making a good combination of delicious cupcakes and cute cake pops.

Just try to master the recipe and practice before the main event. You can make them any flavor you like and decorate them as your heart desires.

They will not only serve as a main dish but also you can use them to decorate your main cake. Just throw some of the cake pops in a beautiful jar or some cupcakes on a plate and see everyone being drawn to them.

You can also present these super cute and yummy desserts to your dear one.

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