Heat Press Vs. Screen Print: The Actual Difference!

Do you want to know the best option for printing method?

It will be wise to choose the best option for yourself. So what we did that we have analyzed two possible ways for printing. We have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of those two process.

This article contains this all and you have to go through the whole article to find the best option which will not ruin the reputation of your company as well as will help you to make profit easily.

So at first let’s know about those two process properly and then know the advantages and disadvantages.

What is Heat Press?

A process for printing design into the substrate with the help of printing ink with a composition of the suitable dye, powder graphite, transferring ink into the substrate and then applying heat and press to make this ink permanent.

Different types of design and different types of the substrate need different dye and ink. The process may be optimized by a computerized way.

The key points for heat press are:

  1. Temperature
  2. Time
  3. Press

These three main key points define heat press method. If you want to make sure that you are getting best design then you have to make sure that you are maintaining the possible best settings for time, temperature and the type of pressure.

The right amount of force and time and temperature are defined for every type of fabric and you have to follow those.

What is Screen Printing?

This printing method is mainly done by applying a design first on a screen which is made of the nylon mesh. Then design in the screen is transferred on the substrate by injecting ink into the design. Through a burning process a template is being produced into a screen then the transfer process happen.

One screen is used for one color and if you want to produce more than one color you have to use several screens.

Advantages of Heat Press:

The advantages of heat press method mainly define that you are getting benefit from this method. Here’s given those advantages.

•    Low-budget:

As the business matter is concerned with a big issue which is money. And in heat press method the cost of production is not much high for low production and you can easily start with your low order by buying a heat transfer machine.

Also, you can use the heat transfer machine for larger production because it costs so low for large runs. The cost for a heat press machine is also low.

•    Fast production:

If you want a faster production for your large and small orders and you want to do it by the automatic process, then you should buy a heat transfer machine and do your job by heat press method.

•    Maintain high quality:

The best advantages of heat press method are getting the best quality rather than other methods. And You will get not only the best quality but also get quickly.

When you will apply a lot of color in silk screen you will get a rough surface but in the heat press method, you will get a smooth screen.

•    Variety:

Various types of products can be designed by heat press method. You can use these versatile ways like all type of fabrics, hard materials like ceramic means mugs, tiles etc as well as umbrellas, mousepad, and many other products.  So, for this reason, you should use heat press method.

•    Easy to use:

If it is easy to use printing machine, then it should be preferable to you. You don’t need to know such prior basic to operate the machine. You will learn easily to run the machine with a little effort.

If it is a matter of space, then the heat transfer machine will be the best option for you. It needs a little space relatively others.

•    Less messy:

The chances of being messy are lower than other methods. As the heat transfer machine doesn’t need much space and you can use a little room, you don’t need to think about spilling ink.

Advantages of Screen Printing:

As this method is so preferable for graphic design so it should have such advantages which is different from other method. Let’s know those advantages.

•    Long lasting:

The design can long last for using more ink which creates more thickness. Without losing the quality you can make the design sustainable for a long time.

•    Finishing:

When it becomes a matter of finishing, through screen printing you can create vibrant colors. And which is hard to replicate by other processes. You can replicate by using some technics from other processes like DTG method. 

•    Large order:

As this is a method where you have to use a lot of colors for artwork so the best option for doing business is to getting big orders for getting profit.

•    For special garment:

The surface could be flat, wood, plastic, fabric and even it can be metal, you can easily print on them. It is hard to find like screen printing method for the special garment.

•    Versatile use of ink:

You can use a lot of colors of ink for your garment because it allows more thickness than other methods. And this option creates the option to give a great finishing. 

Disadvantages of Heat Press:

There are also disadvantages for heat press method. It is also important for you to know the disadvantages because for the progress of your company. Let’s know about those.

•    Layer of colors:

You can’t use a layer of colors because it makes the t-shirts heavy. Thus the t-shirt becomes bulky.

So, if you are planning on using the layer of colors, then it will not be wise to use this method.

•    Unprofessional look:

After finishing the printing of heat press method it looks unprofessional rather than other printing methods like screen printing method.

•    Best for light colors:

The color suits only for heat press method is light colors. Heavy colors don’t suit the heat press method.

•    Fade away:

The print doesn’t last long. After a few wash, the design fades away and looks like a crooked design.

Disadvantages of Screen Printing:

Though screen printing method one of the best method of printing and also preferable for printing, it has also some disadvantages. Let’s know about them.

•    Not friendly for the environment:

Water is needed for cleaning the screen and mixing the ink properly. This is not a problem for only a product but when it comes to hundreds of products in a day then there need a lot of water. And then the topic of environment-friendly comes.

•    Complexity:

Depending on the design it needs more steps than other processes which make the whole process complex.

•    Not for small orders:

As small order has to be delivered earlier and the process needs more steps than other production processes you can’t deliver earlier for small orders.  So, this process is not suitable for small production.

•    Costly for multiple colors:

As it is an advantage for screen printing is that you can use a lot of colors for printing but you have to keep in mind that when you will use colorful design it will complicate the design which will make the process costly.


Now You know the basic about heat press and screen printing method clearly.

Here you have seen not only the advantages but also the disadvantages on heat press and screen printing. You can differ them properly which will be the benefit for you to choose the best option for you.

You have to make it sure that you are delivering the best output to your customer.

I hope this article will help you to find the best option which will ensure the best output.

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