What is a Shower Drain and How to Install: Basic Guide

We need to take shower regularly to refresh our body and mind and also relieve some stresses. How a shower completes its work cycle is an interesting thing. How much you know about it? The shower needs a water supply system and a drainage system for this. If you know how to install a shower drain, it will be helpful for you.

It is a common fact that people install the shower drain by hiring the mechanics. For this reason, you have to spend more money on the installation. But you must wonder if you will know the whole process is quite easy to complete that you can do it yourself.

Don’t you believe? Let’s check it here.

What is a Shower Drain and How It Works?

A shower is a fundamentally simple structure which has one or more water supply systems and a drainage system. So, the drain plays a vital role in the shower system.

The drain keeps the water stream out of the flour of the shower. It is connected with the plumbing pipes of the house. There are different types of drains. Their working principles are almost same.

As the shower drain plays a very important role in the shower system, you have to install the drain properly. It is a technical task so you have to perform it smartly. If you can do so, it will be an easy task.

Required Tools to Install a Shower Drain

This installation process requires only a few tools. You can easily find them.

  • 4 in 1 screwdriver
  • Caulk gun
  • Plumber putty
  • Brash
  • Duct tape

Installation Process of a Shower Drain

To know clearly about the installation process, read this installation guide carefully. I have tried to find out the most used shower drain system and their installation processes. So, you may be able to install your shower drain in your bathroom if you read this throughout.

  • Clean the installation spot:
    Cleaning is the first thing that you need to do for the installation process. If you complete the cleaning properly and remove the wastes, the whole process will become easy.
    When you are replacing an old shower drain, you have to remove the old drain properly and prepare the spot by cleaning it.

  • Determine the drain hole size and understand what you really need:
    If you are creating a new shower, you need to make a suitable hole to install the shower drain. Or if there exists an old hole, it is important to determine the hole size correctly.
  • It will help to understand what type of drain you need to install and how you will do that.

  • Purchase the drain hardware:
    The shower drain’s components can be found at all most every market. Choose the right sized drain hardware by comparing two or three options.
    When you will go to the market, make a list before that and try to follow the list. This will help to bring all the necessary things together and make your work easier.

  • Apply plumber putty around the bottom part:
    Apply a thick layer of plumber putty around the bottom part of the flange. After finishing the installation, remove any putty off the shower surface.
    The putty will help to avoid the unwanted leakage problems.

  • Connect to the drainage pipe:
    Now, connect the drainage pipe to the shower drain’s upper part. It is a crucial part of the installation process. So, you have to complete this part properly.
    When you will connect the drainage pipe, don’t leave any leakage and check this carefully.

    Tighten bolts and seal the shower drain:
    After finishing all these steps, this is the final step of the installation process. Check the drainage system properly and then use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts carefully. Make sure there is no gap between the fittings.
    Now, seal the shower drain to complete the installation of the shower drain.

Watch the following video to learn the installation process of Shower Drain,

Aren’t these steps simple enough to perform? By following these steps, you may easily install a shower drain in your bathroom.

Things to Consider:

  • Don't take any quick decision. Because this installation is a technical task. Any bad decision can bring bad effects to the whole system that will hard to solve.
  • Give maximum priority to avoid the leakage problems. You can take some trail to check it before completing the installation process.
  • Use good quality drain hardware to achieve the required service from the drainage system.
  • You can take some expert advice to achieve required success.
  • If you feel any complexity to do this your own when you are installing the shower drain, don’t hesitate to call an expert plumber. 

Final Words

The performance of the drainage system of the shower mainly depends on the installation of the shower drain. If you can complete the installation properly, you will able to enjoy a good shower system. Otherwise, you will face many problems related to the shower drainage issues.

Hope you have known all about the installation process and how to do this. Now, you may start your practical works. All the best.

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