How To Make Vinyl Decals At home

Do you think that you are creative one? Do you want to earn some extra money using your creativity and investing no money? Then vinyl decal can be the best way for you.

If you want to increase the decoration of your home, photo frames or clock or to make money without incurring much expense, then the Vinyl decal should be your first choice.

Making a Vinyl decal at home believe me is not a complicated process at all. You just need few techniques to follow. You can make vinyl decals at home successfully if you know a complete guideline on it.

For you, in this article, I am going to share a step by step guideline on how to make Vinyl Decals at home. So let’s check out.

What Types of Vinyl Decals You Can Make:

Following this guideline, you will be able to make different kinds of vinyl decals at your home. In this case, the size of decals will depend on what type of vinyl machine you have bought. But you will be able to put your homemade stickers anywhere. See these as example-

  • On cell phones and computers
  • On helmets, skateboards, bikes
  • On walls as wall art or windows
  • On school backpacks and binders
  • On cars (as a fun window and bumper sticker or advertising a business)
  • On even envelopes to seal the flap or to show a return address
  • On the jars of brewed beer, homemade jam, or other food or gifts items

Events to Use Vinyl Decals

You can make vinyl decals simply to decorate your own home. But as a commercial purpose, you can target the following events.

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Business events
  • brand recognition events
  • Shows or concerts
  • Community events
  • Others events

How to Earn Money by Making Vinyl Decals at Home

Apart from decorating your home on different occasion, you can also earn some extra cash by making vinyl decals at your home. Here I have mentioned a list of some vinyl decals that you can make easily and earn money.

  • Decals for windows,
  • Decals for sandblasting mugs
  • Masking of liquid etching
  • Tattoo decals.
  • Car decals: flames, pin-striping, swoosh,
  • Iron-on vinyl lettering
  • Decals for T-shirts (It is the biggest money maker now).
  • Decals for laptops
  • Creating yard signs
  • Decals for garage sale
  • Website decals that people can stick anywhere as like graffiti. It will work as free advertisements for them.
  • Open hour’s signs
  • Pin-stripping decals for motorcycles and windows
  • Ham radio call signs
  • Flame decals for helmets and motorcycle gas tanks
  • Wall stickers
  • Custom stickers from a hand-drawn design
  • Window Decals
  • Wall quotes
  • School logos for fundraisers

Besides you can also plan some small with these homemade vinyl decals including:

  • Invite your family or friends and show them some items that you have made using vinyl.
  • Sell your original decals designs at craft shows.
  • Set up an web-based store

What Ingredients You Will Need to Start

  • Computer
  • The Plotter
  • A printer
  • A scanner
  • Design Program
  • Vector Art Program
  • Rolls of Vinyl
  • Application (App) or Transfer Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • X-Acto knife
  • Sharp tipped knives
  • The Squeegee for Vinyl
  • The appropriate work surfaces

Step-By-Step Guideline on How to Make Vinyl Decals at Home:

1. Choose your design

As a first step in making your vinyl decal, you have to choose a design that you want to use. If you have a design in mind, then it is great. Otherwise, you can also create a design from scratch and make it very unique.

The great source to get a design is the newspapers. you may create one using Photoshop even.

2. Scan the design

As a next step, you have to scan your selected design, if you collect it from any source into the computer. But if you select the design from online or create it in Photoshop, then you have to go to editing immediately.

3. Edit the design

Then it is time to edit. You have to do the editing with the necessary adjustments. You may have to resize the design to fit the space of your item.

4. Enhance the decals on a page.

The enhancement of decals will help you to reduce the waste of vinyl paper. The true fact is that the vinyl paper is very costly.

5. Get a mock print Before Final Printing

Before printing out the final output of your vinyl decals you can try to have a mock printing of your decal on a white paper. You should do it to be sure that the color and the shape will come out correctly.

6. Print the sheet on Vinyl paper

Now in this step print the sheet holding many decals on the vinyl paper. print the similar image in two places if your design has a multiple layers.

7. Preserve your printed decal sheet

Laminate the sheet to protect the decals from fading, you need to. Don’t forget to trim the excess laminate before putting it into the machine.

8. Cut the decal and apply

When the lamentation is complete, you can start cutting your decals and placing them on the object. Use the X-Acto knife when you place it on your object to trim off the excessive sides.

Wrapping UP!

Hopefully, you have a complete idea now on how to make vinyl decals at home. Believe me; making a vinyl decal is very simple as well as easy. Just you have to follow these steps.

So, what are you thinking? Simply collect the required tools and start making your decals immediately.

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