Common Mistakes People Do While Printing With Heat Press Machine

Do you know why people become a failure in printing business while they are imposing the best effort? There are some common mistakes that people do during printing. Maybe for them, this thing has also happened.

You can also go through this situation if you don’t know the proper way of printing and some common mistakes. You should have a brief knowledge of the mistakes that people commonly do.

On the other hand, you know well about printing but accidentally your design didn’t place well. For that case, if you get to know about some common mistakes people do while printing then it will be easier to check.

So, we have researched to find some common mistakes and we have found. We have shared them with you in this article.

Let’s explore them and know precisely about them.

1. Using the paper inappropriate way:

You have chosen the right paper but you have forgotten to mirror the design placing it on the paper. Never forget to place the design on the paper as a mirror image otherwise you print will not be printed according to your choice.

Don’t use the wrong side of the paper. Most of the people do this mistake. AS well as people do the mistake on image cutting and left some part of the design un-ironed.

Don’t leave a single part. Iron every corner of the design. 

Beside these don’t start printing for your t-shirt before a taste run. Without a test run, you won’t be sure that design will come out as perfectly or not, color is appearing perfectly or not.  

2. Inappropriate transfer paper:

If you get crooked design after printing, don’t get amused. You may need to check your transfer paper quality again.

Poor transfer paper won’t not only make the design fail but also will ruin the reputation of your company. In the market, you will find specialized transfer paper for particular t-shirts.

3. Inappropriate way of using heat transfer machine:

You have started your design but your design seems not so good as you expect and you have found out that the reason behind that is not heat isn’t being transferred properly. Now, you should have to know that dust or other particles can stay in the machine which will distract the transfer process.

Before starting the process, you should check the machine precisely.

Before pressing down you have to look at your machine that it has got the maximum heat and reached the needed temperature. Then you have to start pressing down. If you don’t do this, the possibility of getting the unsuitable design will be high.

4. Crook design:

The mistake for getting a crooked design is not so uncommon. It usually happens by not loading the material properly.

To avoid this problem, make sure that you have load the materials well lined. This will make the garment loaded straightly. Make sure the design is properly positioned aligning with the lines.

5. Design disappear:

You have to be sure about that the t-shirt you are printing on, has been completed. Otherwise, the design can disappear or upside down after following the heat condition and press time properly.

There is also a chance for dark colors that you have used transparent paper for printing. Transfer paper acts and a solution for colors like the dark. So be sure about that with what color you have to work.

6. Wrong combination of colors:

You should have to know the perfect color combination. The garment, as well as the color of the ink, should be match properly otherwise the design won’t be visible totally or clearly.

As you have to print on the white garment and for that what will be the best for you?

Black color ink will be best for you to print on the white garment.

7. Burnt material:

The common mistake that people do that is not clear about materials that they are using for printing. This is bad for your company and that can lead you to a great loss.

If you are using material like polypropylene for transferring you have to do that at low temperature. This goes same for the nonwoven type. So you have to choose the temperature also according to the material.

8. Design is peeling off:

It will be so shameful for your reputation if your design peels off easily after some time of your delivery. It happens because of lacking knowledge about proper heat press time and temperature application. If this happens to you repeatedly, it will ruin your company.

This accident can happen for many reasons. Let’s know about them.

  • Inadequate pressure:
  • Use pillow or pad to increase the pressure or remove barriers which absorbs pressure and make the adequate pressure inadequate.
  • Misguided about temperature and heat press time:
  • A brief knowledge of temperature and heat press time is needed to get the perfect design. Because for every type of fabric doesn’t need same time or same temperature to build up the design. So you have to know the specific settings for each type.
  • Didn't preheat the garment:
  • If you don’t preheat every t-shirt, moisture and contraction won’t release. Press down and lock for preheating and do this till the moisture stop releasing.
  • Not clear about recommendation:
  • Every type heat transfer machine doesn’t stick to the same type of fabric. Some sticks to the cotton, some sticks to nylon or some works on the mesh. So, choose the machine according to your demand.
  • Clear out the instructions:
  • Not all type of heat press machine goes through with the same instructions. Get these instructions preciously otherwise, you will get into a big trouble. 


For the best production house, you have to supply the best thing to your customer. Otherwise, the customer will move to them who supply the best quality.

People do mistakes like these that I have shared with you and become failure after putting so much effort.

So just try to avoid them and for sure you can avoid them if you just be slight conscious.

So check according to this article that you have already done these mistakes or not and stay alert for future for common mistakes people do while printing with heat machine.

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