How To Start A T-shirt Business With No Money?

Have you some unique idea to apply on the t-shirt but no money in hand? Then this article is for you. You can start a t-shirt business with zero investment.

Starting a t-shirt business is, believe me, not a herculean task at all. There are due steps and you have to follow these to start your business. For a t-shirt business, you need a good business idea and a unique idea can lead your business to the peak. Money here is not a big deal.

You just have to be tricky in promotion and promotion. And for that purpose, you can use the prevailing social media platforms.

To start a t-shirt business with no investment you have to have some basic idea about how to start a business from the initial stage.

In this article I have brought up a detailed guideline on t-shirt business with no money and why you should start it. So, let’s check out.

Why You Should Start a T-Shirt Business:

It is a very critical question that you should ask yourself before Starting a t-shirt business. And after that, you should know the aspects of a t-shirt business and what the modern trend of this business.

Here are 10 Reasons that why you should start a t-shirt business even costing money.

  • T-shirts are very easy to sell.
  • It is a fun business and every day is different here.
  • In this business, you have the freedom to fix your own schedule.
  • You can be your own boss here and you have control of your income. 
  • Doing this business you can supplement your existing business.
  • It is an awesome gateway business.
  • You can show your creativity here and establish your own brand name. You have the freedom of manufacturing your own products.
  • You do not need an office for that. You can work from your home as well as live anywhere.
  • You can be a businessman without costing any money!

A  Complete Guideline on How to Start a T-Shirt Business with No Money: 

It may seem to you that starting a t-shirt business requires a lot of money. But it is possible to start the business with no money if you run it on online.

You may wonder to hear it that today there are many independent t-shirt entrepreneurs who are running this business with zero capital. They are successful because they have the unique idea and have just applied them. Then why not you?

Here I have brought up to you some basic steps that you have to follow to be a successful t-shirt entrepreneur having even no capital.

1. Know Your Audience

The first thing you have to do to start your own t-shirt business is to know your audience. Because of your niche selection, design idea- everything will depend on your targeted audience.
The T-shirt industry is more competitive now. If you don’t know your audience then you may have to put your t-shirt into dust box!

2. Find Your Niche

As a next step, you have to think about your niche that what types of t-shirt you are going to make. As for example, you can be specialized in making animals T-shirts. Then your niche should be animals. Don't try to race with the bigger players and sell all kind of T-shirts.

3. Choose a Name you’re your Business

You should have a good name for your t-shirt business. A good name can promote itself and reach you to the peak of success. Choose a name that associates with your niche and targeted audience.

4. Create your own designs

After selecting your niche and brand name, now you have to start your design work. For that, you can use several design software.       

5. Create your T-shirts

Don’t worry. This step even will not require you costing any money. You can use print-on-demand service for that. Here you need not any prior printing to sell your t-shirt.

You will design for them and they will ship your sold t-shirt to your buyers. Actually, they will as a marketplace. You will your commission for your unique design.

Some of the renowned print-on-demand services are:

5. Promote your Business

Now you have your own product. Then what is the next step? The next step is promoting your product and it is the most important step of your business.

To promote T-shirt Business without costing any money you can follow these 4 killer tips!

Some Exclusive Promotion Tips for T-shirt Business

1. Create a free blog. There are several platforms online who will let you make a free blog

2. Use popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and many more.

3. Post comments regularly on different forums and blogs related to your niche.

4. Promote your t-shirts to someone you already know. As for example your friends and family can be your first customer.

Check the video below:

T-shirt Printing Business Equipment: Things You Must Need

Are you looking to starting a t-shirt printing business? Then at first, you must know what equipment and things you need to run this business.

T-shirt printing business is not much different from others conventional business. Like all others business here you have to have planning, research, and passion.

But besides these abstract things, you will need some physical equipment also to run the business. Your t-shirt printing business won’t be profitable without these equipment.

In this write-up, I have discussed all the equipment that you need for your t-shirt printing business. You will find here also a list of necessary things and documents required to run the business. So, let’s check out.

T-shirt Printing Business Equipment:

1. Powerful T-shirt Printer

As you are going to start a t-shirt printing business, then you must consider having a powerful printer that can serve your purpose. At the time of purchasing the printer look over the following feature to have in your printer:

  • Easy to learn as well as use
  • Small and portable
  • Designed for specifically textile ink
  • Prompted maintenance commands
  • Easily accessed replacement parts
  • Highest rated washability
  • Best warranty among the industry
2. High-quality Blank T-shirts

This business requires huge blank t-shirt on which you will place your own design. The blank t-shirt should be made of tightly-woven material and cotton blend having a ratio of 50% to 100%.

3. Design Software

To create your design you will need design software. This software will on what types of printing materials you are going to use.

What types of design software you choose, make sure that your computer supports it. Look for also that whether your design software has a wide range of fonts.

4. Inventory

In a t-shirt printing business, you will need something to print on. It can be T-shirt screen printing, document printing, business cards vinyl signs, or any items. For that, you will need enough inventory to meet customers' needs.

5. Cutting Equipment

You will also need to collect a cutting system for your business. You may need a hand-operated cutter or a hydraulic cutter to cut the letters or signs.

6. Accounting Software

To keep counting of your sales, you will need an accounting software. A good accounting software will help you to get accurate quotes. If you run your business on Internet, then you have to choose software that can be linked to a website.

Additional Things to Consider:

  • Make a Business Plan:  it’s hard to reach the destination if you don’t know where you want to go. A good business plan is like a heart of a business.  So, make a proper business plan first.
  • Choose Domain Name: If you want to run your t-shirt business on the Internet, then you have to choose a proper domain name that suits with your company name. I recommend choosing .com domain name.
  • Create a Website: To reach your targeted customers, you will need to have a website of your t-shirt business. It is a great way to explore your business.
  • Business License: You will require a business license wherever you want to start your business. Generally, the local city or town authority gives this business license. You need it even if you run your business from your home.
  • Have Your Own Sales Tax ID: If you want to purchase wholesale bags, tees, apparel, then you will need to have a sales tax id no. Many vendors may refuse you for dealing with if you don’t have it. You can get your own sales tax id number free from online.
  • Legal Documents:  To start any business you must have some legal documents in favor of yours. These legal documents will give your business a legal structure as well as protect your assets.
  • Look for Fund: Capital is the prime factor to start any business. So to start a t-shirt printing business, first of all, you have to think about your funding. Normally Banks and others financial organizations don’t want to loan a new strut- up.

    In that situation, you have to manage your initial capital from your savings money or from friends and family.
  • Choose a Perfect Location: As an initial starting, it is a good idea to start working at your kitchen table. But if you extend your business then you must move into an office or warehouse.

    And then you have to look for a perfect location for setting up your office or warehouse. But never go into debt just have your own office.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Marketing and advertising are the key factors to be successful in any business. If no one knows about your business then who will buy your products? So insist on marketing and advertise after launching your tee-shirt business.  
  • Direct marketing materials: Direct marketing materials like newspaper ads, business cards, and flyers are the best way to promote your business. So, invest your money and time initially for creating direct marketing materials as your business promotion.
  • Social media exploring: Social media plays a vital role in promoting any business now. So, make a dedicated business profile on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to reach customers cost-effectively, promote your brand and build relationships,

No doubt, T-shirt printing business has been a great source of earning. Many potential youths are choosing it as their business platform. So why not you?

In a true sense starting a T-shirt printing business is not a tough task at all. This business does not require a lot of things even. You just have to purchase a few things to start a T-shirt printing business of your own.

In this article, I think you have found a clear concept of what equipments you actually need for this business. Now it is time to take action. Collect these equipments and start your own T-shirt printing business now.    

Check the infographic from below: The plan in short-

Final Thought

In conclusion, it can be said that there is only a few business that you can start without any investment. T-shirt business is the greatest way among them.

You can start your own t-shirt business if you have just a unique idea.

At present digitalized world nothing is more precious than a unique idea. Even you can start your own t-shirt business using your unique design idea and popular social media platform.

So why late? Just note down your unique idea, apply them in the blank t-shirt and promote them on some social media platform and be your own boss!

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